Pragmatic Odoo Apps Support

Pragmatic support 90 days bug free support to all the user who have Pragmatic Apps either through Odoo Appstore or Pragmatic Store. To avail our support services, please follow below steps:

  • Visit Pragmatic Store
  • Please sign up if you do not have an account, or simply signin if you have the account with Pragmatic with correct credentials.
  • Once you login to your account, go to the ‘Helpdesk’ and create a new ticket to report the issue.
  • Select ‘Submit Ticket’, Your Name and email id will be automatically picked up from your data. You need to fill up other below details:-
    • Select Category type
    • Module on which you are facing issue
    • Module Version
    • Subject line
    • If there is any attachment like ‘error log’ or message, please upload
    • Its priority
    • Steps to reproduce the issue or its description.
  • Click on Submit button, once you submit, ticket will be raised and user will receive confirmation about same
  • User can see the raised ticket under ‘My Tickets’